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SSL CertificatesSSL Certificates are essential for websites processing online payments such as online shops or websites that contain sensitive personal information. Having an SSL Certificate is proven to increase customer's confidence in both your company and website. We sell two types of SSL Certificates, Shared and Dedicated.

Shared SSL Certificates
A Shared SSL Certificate is the most cost effective way to secure your website. Rather than hosting your secure pages on your own webspace, they are hosted on our shared secure server. Visitors will be redirected to your secure pages on our shared secure server. This method is just as secure as a Dedicated SSL Certificate but is great for people with a lower budget for their website.
From £25
Dedicated SSL Certificates
A Dedicated SSL Certificate secures your own webspace and gives a more professional image to your customers. Having a Dedicated SSL Certificate avoids the need to redirect your customers to a remotely hosted page to enter their details.
From £60